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Car Accident Lawyers in Virginia

Experienced Attorneys Ready to Fight for You

Virginia encompasses charming small towns, scenic countryside, and bustling urban thoroughfares. The state offers a plethora of diverse driving conditions. Navigating the roads in various areas can present numerous challenges. Whether navigating through the serene landscapes of rural roads or cruising along a busy highway, potential dangers lurk nearby. Regrettably, car accidents in Virginia are not confined to specific locations. Today’s fast-paced lifestyle often compels drivers to rush, leading them to overlook fundamental road safety measures. Distractions are everywhere, and a brief look at a smartphone or a conversation with a passenger can set the stage for a severe collision.

In the aftermath of a car collision, insurance companies may not be aligned with your interests. Their objective is to minimize payout amounts, leading them to explore avenues for cost reduction. A qualified car accident attorney in Virginia can work towards a resolution that justly compensates you for the injuries sustained.

At The Law Offices of Krum, Gergely, & Oates, our extensive experience handling cases governed by Virginia’s car insurance and liability laws enables us to grasp the diverse avenues for financial recovery accessible to victims and their families. We possess in-depth knowledge of different liability theories, allowing victims to seek compensation from those responsible for their injuries. Our firm is equipped with a range of resources to enhance financial recovery outcomes for our clients.

Our experienced and empathetic team comprehends the challenges you’re facing. We are adept at accurately assessing all related expenses and justifications for reimbursement based on the specifics of your situation. We will highlight every crucial element during negotiations, ensuring nothing is overlooked. We are dedicated to supporting and promoting the interests of our clients, and we strive to achieve financial redress and justice. Employing assertive strategies, we effectively navigate challenges posed by the responsible party and counter common insurance company tactics that might diminish compensation amounts.

Expertise, Empathy, and Success

The experienced car accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Krum, Gergely, & Oates in Virginia bring considerable expertise to securing rightful compensation for victims of car accidents. Our legal team is committed to understanding your narrative and addressing your specific needs.

For optimal efficiency, give us a call right after your accident. The sooner we step in, the quicker we can conduct a thorough assessment and investigation to establish the other party’s fault, ensuring you receive the maximum monetary recovery.

You’ve got a lot on your plate. At this moment, your priorities should revolve around recovering from your injuries and moving forward. By getting in touch with us and entrusting us with your legal matters, we’ll handle all the nitty-gritty details, allowing you to concentrate on your healing journey.

Serving Communities Throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia

virginia car accident lawyerThe Law Offices of Krum, Gergely, & Oates, a legal firm dedicated to justice, maintains an office conveniently situated in Virginia. In cases where your injuries prevent you from visiting our offices, we are prepared to travel to your location. Our dedicated team is determined to facilitate your journey to recovery.

We are unwavering in our commitment to advocating for those unjustly injured. Your injury should not hinder you from obtaining the rightful compensation you deserve. If you have experienced a car accident in Virginia, contact us for a free consultation by dialing (703) -988-3711.

Navigating Auto Insurance Claims After a Virginia Car Crash

After a car accident in Virginia, determining fault can be a contentious issue. Two prevalent misconceptions surround car accident victims and their interactions with insurance companies. Initially, there’s a belief that individuals injured in a car accident may not require the assistance of a car accident attorney. Additionally, some think it’s necessary to gather information from insurance companies before contacting an attorney.

It’s crucial to grasp a key aspect of insurance companies: they aim to process claims at minimal expense swiftly. Without the assistance of a seasoned Virginia car accident attorney, your requirements might be overlooked as the insurance company endeavors to expedite the process. A skilled lawyer will compel the company to slow down and conduct a comprehensive assessment.

Our skilled attorneys specializing in car accidents will assist you in engaging with the insurance company. While these companies may appear helpful during challenging times, they might be gathering information to offer you less compensation than you rightfully deserve. By taking words out of context, the insurance company could create the misleading impression that you are admitting responsibility for the accident.

Given the complexities often associated with accidents, it is essential to seek the guidance of a lawyer. Engaging legal representation typically enhances the likelihood of securing improved compensation. Whether you encounter an accident anywhere in Virginia, it is your right to have the finest legal representation in the state.

A seasoned attorney can safeguard your interests in dealing with insurance companies and thoroughly investigate the accident to establish that you are not liable.

Insurance Companies May Exploit You Without a Virginia Car Accident Lawyer

Someone who has never experienced a car accident may think that insurance companies are inherently supportive. In reality, some insurance companies even assert this in their slogans. Regrettably, this assertion is not accurate. When an accident happens, these companies actively seek ways to minimize payouts and pay the least amount possible.

Insurance companies function as businesses with the primary goal of generating and preserving profits. Their foremost obligation lies with their company’s financial well-being. Following a car accident, it is advisable to consult with an attorney rather than divulging details directly to an insurance company. When you enlist the services of an accident lawyer, their role is to safeguard your rights and interests. They will communicate with insurance companies to ensure maximum compensation for your injuries.

In many instances, insurance companies contest liability. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe they can negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company without the help of an attorney. Unknown to them, this approach can significantly diminish their chances of securing the rightful compensation they are entitled to.

Insurance companies might attempt to propose minimal compensation to dissuade an accident victim from seeking legal representation. Accepting such a meager amount is ill-advised. Engaging the services of an attorney enhances the likelihood of receiving a just settlement for your injuries.

Initiating a conversation with an insurance company about the accident without consulting a lawyer is not recommended. Regardless of your initial perceptions of the incident, it is crucial to safeguard your interests by enlisting the expertise of an experienced accident attorney. They can assess the true liability and work towards securing a fair resolution.

How a Virginia Car Accident Attorney Can Assist You

Even seemingly straightforward car accidents may involve complex legal matters. It’s crucial to understand that Virginia, like all states, imposes time limits for filing lawsuits, known as the statute of limitations. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries in a car accident, it is advisable to consult with an attorney from The Law Offices of Krum, Gergely, & Oates promptly after the incident.

Individuals who have sustained injuries frequently find themselves daunted by the complexities of the legal proceedings. They need to learn about their legal entitlements and navigate the progression of their cases. You don’t have to confront a formidable insurance company by yourself. The experienced and committed legal professionals at The Law Offices of Krum, Gergely, & Oates are ready to assess your claim and advocate for the rightful compensation you deserve. For additional details or to schedule a free consultation, visit our Virginia office or contact us at (703) 988-3711.

Skilled Car Crash Attorneys Handle Various Auto Injury and Accident Cases

auto accident attorneys vaAt the Law Offices of Krum, Gergely, & Oates, our legal team considers numerous distinct factors in every case. We have successfully managed a variety of motor vehicle injury claims, including but not limited to:

  1. Injuries Caused by Texting
  2. While Driving
  3. Bus Accidents
  4. Truck Accidents
  5. Bicycle Accidents

Severe automobile accidents, including collisions involving trucks, tractor-trailers, and motorcycles, necessitate the expertise of a seasoned attorney. Fortunately, our law firm specializing in auto accidents boasts extensive experience in this legal domain and a track record of effectively representing individuals with substantial injuries.

We are committed to thoroughly investigating your accident and pursuing rightful compensation from every accountable party. Our team of attorneys collaborates with medical professionals to thoroughly evaluate both the immediate and long-term medical implications of each auto accident case we undertake.

Car Accident FAQs in Virginia

Annually, the country experiences an average of 6 million car accidents. In a specific recent year, Virginia witnessed 827 traffic-related fatalities. While these figures might initially appear as intriguing and arbitrary statistics, their significance becomes more apparent when you or a loved one is involved in an accident.

If your accident and the injuries you sustained were the result of someone else’s carelessness, you may have the opportunity to seek compensation in accordance with Virginia’s legal framework. Negligence is defined as the failure to act with the same level of care that an average person of sound judgment would exercise in similar circumstances. When pursuing a lawsuit for a car accident rooted in another driver’s negligence, you must demonstrate four key elements: the existence of a legal obligation owed to you by the defendant, the defendant’s violation of that obligation, evidence of your injury, and proof that the defendant’s breach directly caused your injury.

Car accidents occur due to a variety of factors. To minimize the risk of involvement in such incidents, it is essential to steer clear of the following situations:

Speeding: Speed is identified as a primary factor in accidents, with a significant impact in Virginia. In a recent year, 349 fatalities were attributed to speeding, constituting over a third of all traffic deaths. Some accidents result from exceeding speed limits, while others occur when drivers navigate too swiftly in adverse road conditions.

Distracted Driving: Approximately 20% of Virginia’s annual traffic accidents and those nationwide are linked to in-vehicle distractions. Engaging in activities such as eating, adjusting stereo settings, using entertainment systems, or navigating while driving poses substantial risks. Texting, in particular, is extremely hazardous, with a texting driver being 23 times more likely to crash than a non-texting driver.

Driving While Impaired: Alcohol significantly contributes to traffic accidents, with an alcohol-impaired fatality occurring every 50 minutes during a recent year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that drunk drivers cause 30 fatalities in accidents on an average day. Virginia enforces strict laws and penalties related to impaired driving.

Tailgating and Aggressive Driving: The roads witness numerous aggressive drivers who tailgate, change lanes unpredictably, or display reckless driving behavior. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over half of the surveyed drivers admit to occasional aggressive driving.

Failure to Yield: Accidents resulting from a failure to yield can stem from various situations, such as making a left turn in front of oncoming traffic, not yielding at a flashing red light, or swiftly entering a street from a private driveway. Such situations create hazardous conditions, often leading to collisions with vehicles that fail to yield.

Drowsy Driving: Driver fatigue is widespread due to the pressure to work harder and accomplish more daily. About 7.5 million drivers in the country admit to falling asleep at the wheel in the past month. Fatigued drivers may experience cognitive impairment similar to that caused by alcohol or drugs, often resulting in accidents with more severe injuries due to a lack of attempts to stop or avoid the collision.

Vehicle Defects: Ensuring the safety of your vehicle is crucial. Researching a vehicle’s safety record before purchase and adhering to recommended maintenance schedules are vital practices. As vehicles become more technologically advanced, the likelihood of safety defects and recalls increases. In cases where a defective vehicle or component causes an accident, legal liability may extend to the manufacturer and others in the distribution chain.

Seeking advice from a Virginia car accident attorney before agreeing to any settlement offers from the insurance company of the other driver involved in the accident is recommended. Insurance representatives often make swift but inadequate settlement offers when they anticipate being fully responsible for accident damages. When insurers acknowledge their liability, they may attempt to attract injured parties with prompt cash offers to limit their financial exposure. Recognizing the vulnerability of accident victims, they present the settlement as a benevolent gesture.

Most settlement offers come with a waiver that forfeits the injured party’s right to pursue additional compensation. Accepting a settlement means you cannot recover extra funds, even if the offered amount is insufficient to cover your incurred costs. Although the initial offer may seem acceptable at first glance, consulting our seasoned auto crash lawyers can provide a more accurate assessment of the compensation you deserve, drawing on our experience with previous clients.

When an uninsured driver is responsible for damaging your vehicle, it can put you in a challenging financial position. In Virginia, there is no legal requirement for drivers to have uninsured motorist (UM) insurance. However, if your insurance policy includes UM coverage, it can offer compensation for damages resulting from the accident up to the specified limits of your policy. If your policy lacks UM coverage, you may need to pursue compensation outside the usual insurance claims process.

In such situations, you can either cover the expenses for the damages on your own or choose to initiate a personal injury claim against the uninsured driver in order to pursue reimbursement. Seeking guidance from a skilled car accident attorney is crucial for understanding your legal rights and exploring the options for moving forward.

The worth of your claim is contingent upon your unique circumstances, as each accident is distinct and the recovery period for injuries varies individually. The at-fault driver responsible for the injury may be obligated to compensate the injured party for various factors, including:

  • Medical expenses and associated costs
  • Lost income due to the accident and the time the victim couldn’t work or was undergoing treatment
  • Permanent physical disability or disfigurement
  • Loss of family, social, and educational experiences, such as missed school, training, vacations, or special events
  • Emotional damages, such as depression, embarrassment, stress, or strains on family relationships

In addition, certain general principles often apply:

  • The greater the severity of the injury, the greater the potential damages that can be awarded for recovery.
  • The more extensive and enduring the medical treatment, the higher the potential damages for recovery.
  • The longer it takes to recover, the greater the potential damages for recovery.
  • The more visible and significant the lasting effects of an injury, the higher the potential damages for recovery.

Engaging an experienced auto accident attorney can offer objectivity to your case, preventing impulsive decisions. While the temptation to accept a quick settlement may arise, your attorney may advise waiting for a more suitable offer that aligns with your best interests.

Adopting defensive driving practices is crucial to averting collisions. Consider the following measures:

Be mindful of blind spots: Remain vigilant in areas beside your vehicle where others may be hard to spot. Remember that fellow drivers have similar blind spots, especially during lane changes or side-by-side driving. Regularly check over your shoulder before changing lanes to minimize the risk of blind spot-related accidents.

Scan the road: Extend your awareness beyond the vehicle directly in front of you. Continuously surveying the road provides the necessary time to respond to sudden traffic changes and potential hazards.

Formulate a plan: Actively strategize when identifying potential road hazards. Whether it involves slowing down, changing lanes, or pulling over, having a plan in place enhances your ability to navigate and avoid potential dangers safely.

Maintain a safe following distance: When driving behind another vehicle, ensure ample space between your car and theirs to increase reaction time. Typically, maintaining a three-second driving gap is advisable, with adjustments for adverse weather conditions or heightened-risk areas.

Avoid fast lanes: Prefer driving in the middle or right lanes whenever possible. This provides more maneuvering options to escape serious collisions by allowing easier access to adjacent lanes.

Keep both hands on the wheel: Optimal control is achieved by placing both hands at the 9 and 3 o’clock positions on the steering wheel, as opposed to driving with one hand or placing both hands at the bottom.

Stay aware of other drivers: Observe fellow drivers for signs of erratic behavior, such as swerving or distractions. If uncomfortable with another driver’s actions, maintain a safe distance or maneuver to a position out of harm’s way.

When you enlist the services of skilled automobile accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Krum, Gergely, & Oates, it sends a clear message to the insurance company that you are serious. Many of our most successful cases have concluded with minimal time spent in court, a notable departure from initial settlement offers. Your attorney will only recommend accepting compensation that is both fair and appropriate.

Insurance companies typically prefer to avoid courtrooms for various reasons. Firstly, litigation is a costly endeavor, requiring substantial expenditures on legal representation, with the added risk of a significant payout if the case is lost.

Furthermore, insurance companies are averse to the negative publicity associated with a trial. Public perception matters, and a company failing to fulfill its obligations can lead to losing trust. A public trial can be detrimental to the insurance company’s financial standing.

Privacy is also a factor in settlement negotiations. The quiet resolution process contrasts with the public nature of a trial, and in some instances, the involved parties agree to keep the settlement amount confidential. This confidentiality can shield the insurance company from potential frivolous lawsuits in the future.

Having navigated numerous cases, the car crash lawyers at The Law Offices of Krum, Gergely, & Oates possess the expertise to engage with insurance companies effectively and understand their preferences. Recognizing their reluctance to go to trial, we can leverage this insight to secure favorable settlement offers for our clients.

The obligation to notify the police following a car accident is contingent upon the specific details of the incident. In cases where there are fatalities or injuries sustained by any party involved, Virginia law mandates immediate reporting of the accident. Failure to comply may lead to a Class 4 misdemeanor charge.

In severe accidents, reporting is typically not an issue, as either you, the other driver, a passerby, or a witness may have already contacted 911. This call prompts law enforcement and emergency response teams to the accident site. If the police are present, they will create an official accident report, eliminating the need for you to report the incident independently. Regardless of fault, it is advisable to report any accident, particularly if you believe it was not your fault. A documented and formal accident report serves as valuable evidence to support an insurance claim or legal action.

Typical car accident injuries encompass:

  1. Back and Neck Injuries: Ranging from mild neck discomfort to severe spinal cord damage resulting in paralysis, these injuries can lead to long-term disability.
  2. Head Injuries: Varying from mild to severe, brain trauma may not be immediately evident but can necessitate extended care. Symptoms to watch for include headaches, nausea, cognitive impairment, and loss of motor functions.
  3. Internal Injuries: Car accident victims may experience blunt force trauma to vital organs, leading to dangerous and challenging-to-treat internal bleeding.
  4. Rib and Torso Injuries: Injuries to the rib cage, protecting vital organs, can pose significant risks.
  5. Lacerations and Burns: Painful injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents that may also cause disfiguring scars
  6. Broken Bones: Arms and legs are particularly susceptible to a car crash, with broken bones often requiring prolonged treatment or surgery.
  7. Seat Belt Injuries: Seat belts can save lives and cause injuries like broken ribs due to their restraining force during accidents.
  8. Wrongful Death: If a tragic death occurs, the family or heirs might have the opportunity to seek compensation by pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit.

If you declined medical assistance at the accident site and opted to go home instead, it’s advisable to undergo a medical assessment at the earliest opportunity. Certain injuries sustained in car accidents may not manifest symptoms immediately and could become apparent only days or weeks after the incident. Without a proper diagnosis, you may miss out on the necessary treatment for a full recovery, and delayed medical attention could potentially lead to further harm.

While your health should be your foremost concern, if you plan to pursue an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit, it’s crucial to have clear documentation of your injuries. In many cases, those at fault may argue that the injuries were preexisting rather than a result of the accident. Seeking a medical evaluation promptly after the incident can provide evidence supporting your claim that the injuries were indeed a direct consequence of the accident.

In the aftermath of a car accident, you’ve likely suffered significant personal and financial setbacks. The extent of damages can be diverse, encompassing compensation for medical expenses, income lost during recovery, future income loss, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and the diminishing quality of life.

Indeed, reputable law firms specializing in car accidents, such as The Law Offices of Krum, Gergely, & Oates, frequently offer complimentary consultations and case assessments for individuals involved in Virginia car accidents. During a consultation, an attorney can assess whether their firm is well-equipped to address your situation. In severe accidents resulting in significant injuries, seasoned car accident attorneys can offer invaluable guidance throughout the claims process. Apart from managing the intricacies of your case, an attorney may, when appropriate, conduct investigations into the accident, compile relevant documents and evidence, and handle negotiations with insurance companies. This allows you to channel your full attention toward your recovery and rehabilitation.


The out-of-pocket expenditures you face will be contingent on your health coverage. However, treating more extensive injuries incurs higher costs. For instance, an ambulance ride to the hospital may cost up to $2,000, depending on the accident location. An average emergency room visit costs around $1,400 for an initial assessment. Basic treatment for a common car accident injury like a broken leg can tally up to $2,500. These figures highlight how rapidly costs escalate for severe injuries.

Beyond the initial medical expenses, one must consider the various recovery costs. Engaging a physical therapist can range from $50 to $150 per session, often requiring multiple weekly sessions. Lifetime treatment expenses for a traumatic brain injury can range from $85,000 to millions. Treating a spine injury leading to reduced motor function costs approximately $218,504 in the first year alone.

Collaborating with the attorneys at The Law Offices of Krum, Gergely, & Oates offers a distinct advantage due to our extensive knowledge of Virginia automobile accidents. Drawing on our experience from numerous successful cases, we possess a comprehensive understanding of the long-term costs associated with car accident injuries. This expertise enables us to determine appropriate compensation amounts and pursue them effectively on behalf of our clients.

Virginia operates under an “at fault” insurance system, where the party responsible for a car accident bears the financial responsibility for damages. Despite not being at fault, it is advisable to file a claim with your insurance provider. Most insurance policies mandate reporting damages, even if you are not deemed responsible for the accident. Failing to report may result in adverse consequences for your claim, such as denial or potential repercussions on your policy, including non-renewal or cancellation. Review your policy’s terms to ascertain whether reporting the accident is mandatory. Seek assistance from your car accident lawyer in navigating this process.

If your vehicle requires replacement or repairs, you might need to await acknowledgment of liability from the other driver’s insurance company. There are instances where insurance providers may decline responsibility for your claim. In such cases, individuals seeking compensation for property damage may need legal action. Although pursuing a lawsuit might delay obtaining compensation for your damaged vehicle, it could result in a higher recovery.

When filing a claim under your collision coverage, your insurer may authorize the repair or replacement of your vehicle. Typically, the insurance company covers the upfront costs and later seeks reimbursement from the at-fault driver’s insurance. Once again, your Virginia car accident lawyer will guide you through this procedure.

Lastly, even if you believe the other party is at fault, they may contest and allege your responsibility for the accident. Promptly reporting the incident to your insurance carrier and consulting with a Virginia car accident lawyer can help protect your claim against attempts by the other driver to discredit your version of events.


Various elements influence the severity of injuries resulting from a car crash in Virginia. When two vehicles collide at high speeds, the impact generates a significant force capable of causing substantial harm to the human body. Despite modern safety features in vehicles, a collision at full speed can lead to severe consequences such as broken bones, internal injuries, and, in tragic cases, fatalities.

The angle of impact is a crucial determinant. Even in low-speed collisions, being struck from behind can cause whiplash and muscle strain. Even seemingly minor fender benders have the potential to result in neck and back injuries, necessitating extensive medical care, treatment, and prolonged physical therapy.

Automotive accident attorneys often collaborate with experts well-versed in collision physics and their impact on the human body. At The Law Offices of Krum, Gergely, & Oates, we have established a network of specialists capable of analyzing accident data to ascertain fault. Expert testimony plays a pivotal role in presenting a well-prepared legal case.

Auto Accident Lawyers at The Law Offices of Krum, Gergely, & Oates

At the Law Offices of Krum, Gergely, & Oates, we possess deep expertise in our field. Suppose you’ve been involved in a car accident in Virginia. In that case, it’s crucial to secure representation from a seasoned Virginia car accident attorney at The Law Offices of Krum, Gergely, & Oates. Otherwise, representatives from insurance companies may exploit your unfamiliarity with Virginia’s stringent laws, potentially leaving you entitled to less compensation than you deserve.

The Law Offices of Krum, Gergely, & Oates extend their services to all communities across the Commonwealth, with four conveniently located offices in Virginia. We acknowledge the severity of some car accidents, but we firmly believe this should help you obtain the legal representation you require.

Our goal is to maximize your financial compensation for injuries. Whether you are aware of the accident’s cause or are still determining if you have a valid claim, please feel free to reach out to us and request a complimentary consultation. We are here to address your inquiries.

If you’ve suffered injuries in a Virginia car accident, it’s your right to understand your legal entitlements. Feel free to contact us at (703) 988-3711 or visit one of our Virginia offices to schedule a no-obligation, free consultation.

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