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Burn Injury

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Suffering a burn injury can be a horrific and traumatizing experience. Depending on the severity of the burn, burn injuries are often life-altering and painful and leave victims saddled for years with medical expenses and other financial burdens, particularly where multiple surgical interventions are necessitated. Common burns are known as thermal burns which happen as a result of skin coming into contact with steam, hot liquid, or fire. Other types of burns are electrical, chemical, or radiation burns, which can cause significant injury. Burn injuries are categorized in degrees based on severity. It is imperative to have a skilled attorney review your case who understands the serious and complex nature of burn injuries and accidents. If you or a loved one suffered injury or death as a result of a burn accident, contact the lawyers at Krum, Gergely & Oates, LLC who are experienced in handling these types of claims and can help you get the money you deserve and to hold the appropriate parties responsible.

Categories of burns range from least serious to most serious in terms of severity:

– First Degree: least serious; typically results in redness or swelling and may not necessarily require medical attention. Top layer of skin (epidermis) impacted. For example, sunburns or exposure to hot water or steam.

– Second Degree: reaches the second layer of your skin (epidermis and dermis); painful; may cause blisters or lead to scarring; may need medical attention.

– Third Degree: serious burn; goes through every layer of skin; will likely require skin grafting and will lead to permanent scarring; nerves impacted; medical attention required.

– Fourth Degree: typically fatal burn; injury reaches the muscle and into the bones.

Burns can occur from a range of causes. Some common causes are:

  • Structural fires
  • Car accidents
  • Electrical accidents (e.g. from live wires)
  • Defective products
  • Sunburns
  • Chemical burns (e.g. from cleaning products or pesticides or other harsh chemicals)
  • Steam burns
  • Gas explosions
  • Lighters and matches
  • Excessive radiation

In order to obtain compensation for your burn injuries, you must be able to demonstrate that the injuries sustained occurred as a result of the negligence of another. The following must be proven:

· A duty of care was owed;

· This duty of care was breached;

· The breach of the duty of care proximately caused the loss or injury; and

· You suffered an actual loss or injury.

The duty of care owed by the other party can vary depending on the circumstances. It is not always easy to determine whether the defendant used the appropriate care and skill for the situation at hand, or whether the breached duty led to the specific injury alleged. You should have the guidance of the experienced attorneys at Krum, Gergely & Oates, LLC to assist you with navigating a liability claim, in demonstrating that the injuries resulted from the breach of duty of care, and to get you any recovery that you may be entitled

Burn injuries can be catastrophic and life-altering and depending on the degree can lead to permanent injuries and injuries requiring years of medical intervention and continued treatment or therapy. This in turn has an impact on other areas of your life such as the ability to continue gainful employment, mental and emotional wellbeing, and financial stability. Among the damages available to collect in a burn injury case, include:

– Loss of wages

– Medical expenses

– Continued medical care and/or physical therapy

– Pain and suffering

– Loss of consortium

The personal injury attorneys at Krum, Gergely & Oates, LLC will work tirelessly on your behalf to obtain the compensation you deserve and to help ease the burdens that come with suffering burn injuries.

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