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Traffic Lawyers in Virginia

traffic lawyers in virginiaIn Virginia, what might appear as a routine traffic citation or a simple moving violation could, in reality, be a significant offense carrying substantial fines and consequences for your driving privileges. Consequently, it is crucial to reach out to traffic lawyers in Virginia if you are uncertain or have any inquiries regarding charges or traffic violations. Call today to schedule a free consultation with a traffic attorney who will provide you with an initial case analysis.

When Should You Consult a Virginia Traffic Lawyer?

A Northern Virginia traffic defense attorney can prove valuable when dealing with various traffic-related infractions or charges. These offenses span a spectrum, ranging from minor infractions like speeding tickets to more severe criminal offenses related to traffic, such as DUIs and reckless driving.

A proficient traffic lawyer in Virginia possesses knowledge of law enforcement practices and legal intricacies relevant to these cases. Even if you’re uncertain about seeking representation, reaching out for a free consultation can offer insight into your options.

Driving with a Suspended License in Virginia

Various situations can lead to being charged with driving on a suspended license, such as accumulating points on your license, failing to pay an unnoticed traffic fine, or committing a more serious offense like DUI, reckless driving, or drug possession. While facing the restriction of suspended driving privileges is challenging, it is crucial to adhere to the suspension. Nevertheless, many individuals unknowingly drive with a suspended or revoked license on a daily basis.

If your Virginia driver’s license is suspended and you receive a citation during a traffic stop, it is imperative to address the situation promptly. Driving while suspended is a significant offense with severe consequences, including substantial fines, a prolonged suspension of driving privileges, and potential imprisonment. If you are charged with driving with a suspended or revoked license in Virginia, seeking the assistance of skilled traffic lawyers experienced in handling such cases ensures you receive the strongest possible defense.

Virginia Suspended License Penalties

The repercussions in Virginia for driving with a suspended or revoked license vary based on multiple factors, such as the underlying cause of the license suspension. If the suspension resulted from failure to pay a fine, consequences may include heightened fines, an extended suspension period, and the possibility of incarceration. In some cases, the court might permit you to obtain a restricted license.

Even if it’s your first violation, the highest consequences for operating a vehicle with a suspended license in Virginia include:

  • An additional license suspension equivalent to the duration of the initial suspension or up to 90 days
  • A fine of $2,500
  • Up to one year of imprisonment

While the penalties for a first offense are significant, subsequent violations may lead to even more severe consequences, including mandatory jail time for a third or subsequent offense. 

According to the relevant statute, a judge is prohibited from suspending the sentence for such a conviction, regardless of the judge’s discretion. Moreover, operating a vehicle with a suspended license following a DUI offense results in an additional consequence of a one-year license suspension, on top of the regular penalties associated with the charge arising from non-payment of a traffic fine.

Driving a vehicle while holding a suspended license due to a DUI is considered a felony, carrying potential sentences ranging from one to five years in prison. Alternatively, one may face a fine of up to $2500 and up to one year in jail. Additionally, this offense results in an extra 3-year loss of the driving license or privilege.

Consequences of Driving with Expired Registration in Virginia

Operating a motor vehicle on state roads in Virginia requires having a valid registration. Driving without registration can arise from various circumstances, such as unintentional registration lapses or failure to register a vehicle within the allotted time frame. Although categorized as a relatively minor offense, being caught driving without registration or with expired tags during a traffic stop can lead to significant financial consequences.

Registering a car in Virginia involves meeting specific requirements. Failure to adhere to any aspect of the registration process hinders your ability to register the vehicle and may result in additional charges from the DMV and other traffic-related offenses.

Contact a Northern Virginia Traffic Lawyer

Dealing with court costs and fines can be a significant challenge, especially for drivers facing financial hardship due to citations. If you’ve received a citation in Virginia for driving without registration or with expired tags, seasoned traffic lawyers in Northern Virginia can assist in alleviating the financial repercussions and contesting your ticket. Your Virginia traffic attorney will assess your case to determine if you have valid grounds for challenging the complaint. Contact us today for assistance.

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