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Maryland Traffic Lawyers

Experienced Attorneys Ready to Fight for You

With potential penalties such as license suspension and increased insurance costs at stake, it is crucial to vigorously contest every traffic violation. Law enforcement often issues citations liberally, and without strong Maryland traffic lawyers on your side, courts typically favor the police. Contact KGO Law Firm today and set up a free consultation with one of our Maryland traffic lawyers if you have received any traffic violations.

Common Traffic Offenses in Maryland

  • Alcohol-related offenses such as impaired driving, DUI, and DWI
  • Operating a vehicle with a suspended license, alternatively referred to as driving while under suspension
  • Driving while revoked
  • Operating a vehicle without insurance, also known as uninsured driving
  • Engaging in aggressive, reckless, or inattentive driving behavior
  • Committing vehicular homicide or manslaughter
  • Operating a vehicle during the commission of another crime
  • Leaving an accident, also known as hit and run
  • Driving without proper registration
  • Violating child restraint and seatbelt laws, endangering a child’s safety

Beyond these infractions, there are additional violations within Maryland’s traffic code. Our traffic ticket lawyers are well-equipped to handle them all. Allow them to safeguard your driving privileges and prevent your insurance from being canceled or your premiums from skyrocketing!

Do You Require a Lawyer for Traffic Violations?

Absolutely. While it might seem easier to pay the fine and move forward, it’s not the wisest decision. Convictions can lead to various negative repercussions down the road. With the MVA driver points system in place, even a few speeding tickets could result in license suspension.
Furthermore, insurance companies might hike your rates based on points, even after expiration.

Experienced traffic attorneys like the traffic attorneys at KGO Law Firm understand how to uncover legal grounds to dismiss tickets or negotiate serious violations down to lesser offenses. Even if your guilt is apparent, having representation from a Maryland traffic lawyer familiar with local laws and courts can significantly improve the outcome.

KGO Law Firm consistently secures favorable results for traffic violations across Maryland by:

  • Dismissing unjust traffic tickets
    Negotiating reduced fines and penalties
  • Removing or minimizing points on your record
  • Arranging plea deals for lesser offenses
  • Preventing driver’s license suspension
  • Shielding you from future insurance rate hikes
  • And much more!

Navigating Maryland Traffic Violations

In Maryland, when faced with a vehicle-related citation, you’re presented with three choices:

1. Pay the fine.
2. Request a waiver hearing.
3. Request a trial.

It’s essential to complete one of these actions within 30 days of receiving the ticket to prevent suspension. Waiver hearings entail admitting guilt, typically resulting in fines but aiming for probation instead of driver points. Opting for a trial allows you to contest the violation more vigorously.

This scenario creates an opportunity for KGO Law Firm to introduce reasonable doubt. Traffic violation trials offer the benefits of a waiver hearing and the potential to expunge the violation from your record completely.

Secure a Maryland Attorney for Severe Traffic Offenses

In cases involving serious infractions like driving with a suspended or revoked license, evading law enforcement, driving under the influence, or vehicular manslaughter, the necessity of retaining a seasoned MD traffic crime attorney becomes paramount. KGO Law Firm has extensive experience handling thousands of cases as a DUI lawyer in Maryland, adeptly defending clients against some of the most severe criminal accusations.

Why Choose a Traffic Lawyer from the KGO Law Firm?

At KGO Law Firm, we boast a wealth of experience managing minor infractions and major traffic violations across Maryland. Our commitment to personalized attention remains unwavering, regardless of the size of the case.

Whether your aim is to establish innocence or mitigate the severe repercussions of accumulating driver points and potential license revocation, KGO Law Firm pledges to invest the necessary time and dedication to secure the most advantageous resolution as your trusted Maryland traffic violations lawyer.

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