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Virginia Misdemeanor Offenses

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Misdemeanor Offenses

Criminal misdemeanor offenses in Virginia can be very serious. A misdemeanor conviction can lead to a permanent criminal record, jail time, difficulty passing a background check, difficulty obtaining or maintaining a security clearance, driver’s license suspensions, problems loss of immigration status, costly fines, and other severe consequences.

The Virginia criminal attorneys at KGO are here to protect you. We know how to fight and prepare your case to give you protect you against a criminal conviction and give you the best possible chance for an acquittal or to have the charges against you dropped.

Experience Fighting 1000’s of Cases

It is important that you have an attorney on your side that is aggressive and experienced in successfully representing clients charged with criminal offenses. Oftentimes, you only have one shot to protecting yourself and beating the case. You need to make it count.

At KGO, our criminal defense attorneys have successfully defended thousands of clients charged with all types of misdemeanor criminal cases in Virginia – from Assault, Larceny and Trespass, to DUI, Reckless Driving and Driving Suspended we have fought and beat every type of misdemeanor case.

They know the landscape of the court system – prosecutors, judges, and procedures from the beginning of the case all the way through successfully fighting your case at trial, or getting the best possible resolution in court. Our experience and knowledge will give you the tactical guidance and expertise you need to successfully fight any Virginia criminal misdemeanor charge.

The Best Possible Outcome

We understand that being charged with a misdemeanor crime can be a life-changing event, and could lead to life changing consequences. At KGO, we take our obligation to fight for the best possible outcome to protect our clients very seriously. The attorneys at KGO work extensively with clients to explore every defense in every case. We will also advocate your personal story and circumstances to put you in the best light for the court and the prosecution for the best outcome. If there are defenses to the charge, we will fight for your innocence with the prosecutors and at trial in court. If there are personal reasons or circumstances of why you are in this situation, we will prepare you to show the good person you truly are. Because your case is different, we will work with you to explain what is happening and guide you through each step to the best possible outcome.

To successfully fight and defend against your Virginia criminal charge, you need an attorney that has experience successfully defending all misdemeanor cases at trial – including receiving complete jury acquittals.

We have the jury experience for all types of criminal cases – from testing the story and credibility of police officers, witnesses, and victims, to finding and admitting critical evidence in your defense, to persuasively arguing to a jury or judge, that give you the best possible chance for an acquittal. Prosecutors are also more likely to offer the best possible resolution for your case if they know there is an experienced criminal trial lawyer on the defense.

Classification of Misdemeanor Charges

Virginia misdemeanor charges are classified from 1-4 in their severity:

· Class 1 Misdemeanor – maximum 12 months in jail, up to $2,500 fine.

· Class 2 Misdemeanor – maximum 6 months in jail, up to $1,000 fine.

· Class 3 Misdemeanor – maximum $500 fine.

· Class 4 Misdemeanor – maximum $250 fine.

Virginia Misdemeanor

Some Virginia misdemeanor offenses include:

· Assault

· Domestic Assault


· Reckless Driving

· Petit Larceny

· Possession of Schedule 3/4 Drugs

· Trespassing

· Driving Suspended

· Driving without Operators License

In the Courts – Where are Misdemeanor Cases?

Misdemeanor charges in Virginia are always first brought in the lower courts, called the General District Courts. In the District Courts, trials are held before a judge. The process is generally much quicker than for felony cases in the Circuit Courts. If you get a

result in the District Courts that you don’t like, you always have the right to appeal the case to the Circuit Court for a new trial and the right to a jury.

There are two General District Courts in Virginia:

1. General District Court. most misdemeanor charges are held here, including non-domestic assault, larceny, and all traffic-related charges.

2. Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court: trials in misdemeanor charges that involve a spouse, family member, or minor-victim occur in the JDR court.

KGO’s Virginia criminal attorneys have successfully defended thousands of clients facing misdemeanor criminal charges in Virginia at every stage of criminal litigation. Each case was very different, requiring a unique strategy and outlook. Your case and your situation are no different. You need and deserve a top-rated defense. We can help.

Call (703) 988-3711 or email us today to schedule a free consultation about your Virginia criminal case and learn how we can fight for you.

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