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Maryland Drug Lawyer

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maryland drug lawyerA drug conviction, whether classified as a misdemeanor or felony, can result in enduring adverse consequences in your life. In Maryland, mere drug possession may result in a prison sentence of up to four (4) years and fines totaling $25,000. The legal repercussions escalate significantly for charges related to distribution, manufacture, and trafficking. If you find yourself facing a drug crime arrest in Maryland, it is crucial to promptly seek the guidance of a Maryland drug lawyer to safeguard your constitutional rights. A proficient criminal defense attorney in Maryland can explain your legal alternatives and initiate the building of your defense strategy.

How a Maryland Drug Lawyer Can Assist with Charges Involving Controlled Substances

A seasoned local attorney is capable of representing individuals confronting drug charges in the Baltimore and Washington areas. Seek out a legal professional specializing in drug defense who possesses the knowledge and resources needed to construct a robust defense against various drug offenses.

These offenses encompass misdemeanors like first-time marijuana possession and more severe felony drug crimes such as possession with intent to distribute, distribution, and the manufacturing of controlled dangerous substances (CDS). Potential strategies to counter drug charges involve challenging illegal searches and unlawfully obtained evidence, orchestrating plea deals for reduced charges, or negotiating sentencing alternatives like probation before judgment. The latter option can eventually lead to the expungement of the charge from the defendant’s record.

Penalties for Drug Offenses in Maryland

Maryland has comprehensive laws pertaining to the possession and sale of drugs, and these penalties vary significantly based on the specific narcotic involved in each case. For instance, penalties for marijuana possession differ greatly from those imposed on individuals in possession of prescription drugs.

The extent of penalties is also dependent on factors like the amount of the controlled substance in one’s possession, whether there is an intent to sell, or if the accused has other related items on their person.

Moreover, there are penalties associated with bringing prohibited substances into Maryland. This implies that individuals may face serious consequences, including fines, even if they are merely passing through the state with a final destination elsewhere. Given the complexity of the regulations surrounding drug-related crimes in Maryland, it is essential to seek guidance from a proficient and informed Maryland drug lawyer who can offer valuable perspectives on the seriousness of charges associated with controlled substances that an individual might be confronting.

As of October 1, 2014, amendments to state drug laws classify the possession of under 10 grams of marijuana as a civil offense, resulting in a citation comparable to those issued for parking and minor moving violations. For a first offense, the fine is capped at $100, but individuals cited for a second or third time may face fines of up to $500. It’s essential to note, however, that the federal government still classifies all marijuana possession as a criminal offense. Furthermore, individuals found in possession of drug paraphernalia used for marijuana consumption, such as rolling papers, bongs, and pipes, still confront criminal charges.

Those under the age of 20 caught with less than 10 grams of marijuana incur similar civil penalties but may also be subject to court-ordered drug education or counseling programs. Engaging an experienced lawyer in this field can provide valuable insights into the laws governing your drug charges.

A Drug Lawyer in Maryland Could Help You Understand Your Case

Due to the multitude of illicit narcotics and the varying penalties associated with each, depending on the specifics of the offense and other influencing factors, comprehending the charges and the severity of potential consequences can be challenging. To gain a thorough understanding of your case and its unique intricacies, it is advisable to reach out to a Maryland drug attorney and arrange a consultation. The drug defense lawyers of KGO offer free consultations.

During this initial meeting, you can pose any questions regarding your case, and the attorney will strive to ensure you are well-informed moving forward. They can offer guidance on potential defense strategies and assist you in making informed decisions about your next steps. If you find yourself confronting a drug charge or suspect that prosecutors are accumulating evidence against you for a possible trial, don’t delay. Contact us today for a free consultation with our proficient Maryland drug lawyers, who can assist you in navigating these charges and any disruptions they may cause in your life.

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