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Ignition Interlock: New Requirements for D.C. Drug and Alcohol Offenders

Frequent drug or alcohol users, particularly those who have already been charged with an offense in connection with these substances, should be aware that new requirements exist in connection with ignition interlock devices. These are devices that incorporate a breathalyzer connected to the ignition system to measure the blood alcohol level before allowing a vehicle to be driven. Previously, not everyone convicted of a drug or alcohol charge was required to participate in the interlock program, it was more reliant upon the details of the case and how many convictions the individual had previously faced. However, as of December 19, 2022, any D.C. resident convicted of a drug or alcohol-related driving offense must enroll in the program.

Safety First

While it is likely not a move that will be favored by alcohol and drug offenders, this step will assuredly allow for a safer community and roadways by providing increased monitoring of drivers known to engage in unsafe vehicle operation, and a safeguard to them, by not allowing them to drive their vehicles while under the influence.

Anyone convicted of a drug or alcohol vehicular offense will be required to use the DC DMV’s online ID program portal to complete an application to enroll in the IID program within 30 days from the date of the conviction.

We Can Help!

Remember, if you have been found guilty of an offense that requires you to participate in the IID program, you should contact our office immediately. A timeline is attached to the requirement, and an attorney on top of these new requirements can guide you to ensure you meet all applicable deadlines while providing a solid defense for your district court hearing and your MVA hearing.