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Esteban Gergely’s Win of the Week

The attorneys at KGO will keep fighting until the courtroom battle is won.  Attorney Esteban Gergely’s client committed a hit and run, ran over the victim’s foot when driving away, was pulled over by police a short distance later after which he was alleged to have assaulted several police officers including the one at the booking station.  Even worse, the last officer said he spit in his face.  It was a difficult set of facts for attorney Gergely to defend, in a difficult unforgiving jurisdiction in Maryland.  While his client could not escape jail time on the initial try and received six months of executed incarceration, Mr. Gergely appealed the case to the Circuit Court where all active incarceration was eliminated.  A huge win on a tough case.


Esteban Gergely has been rated a “Super Lawyer” in both the District of Columbia and Maryland for the past eight years, a recognition given only to attorneys who have attained a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement, limited to 5% in each state.  Esteban also considers himself a Top Chef, Master Sommelier, and renowned food critic, yet only an apprentice in exercise and dieting. Among his many talents, Esteban’s quick wit and sense of humor often come to the rescue in the courtroom, when neither the law nor the facts are on his side.