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attorney esteban gergely

Esteban A. Gergely


A dedication to helping people protect their liberty and reputation is what inspired Esteban Gergely to focus his legal career on criminal defense. He believes that the constitutional guarantees provided to all persons in the United States is essential to maintaining a free and equal Democracy. There is nothing more important to someone charged with a crime than clearing their name, maintaining their freedom, and avoiding the stigma of a criminal record. Esteban Gergely uses his nearly 20 years of experience as a trial lawyer to make sure every one of his clients receives the best possible representation and the care and attention that someone facing the dire consequences of criminal charges deserves.

Esteban has tried dozens of felonies and misdemeanors before juries and judges and has an outstanding success rate. Additionally, his hard-line approach to negotiation has resulted in clients facing the most serious of charges (Rape, Murder, Child Abuse) avoiding jail time and permanent criminal records. Esteban treats every case as if it was the most important one, and places a premium on customer service and satisfaction, making sure every one of his clients is informed and comfortable throughout every step of the process.

Personable and with a great sense of humor, Esteban takes pride in his connection with his clients. He uses his personality to help clients navigate difficult and complex cases, whether they involve personal injuries resulting from an accident or allegations of criminal conduct brought by the Government. Esteban views communication as a crucial part of his job. He excels in his role as counselor, whether by helping his clients secure a satisfactory financial outcome in civil cases, or by minimizing and even avoiding stiff penalties and consequences in criminal matters.

Esteban is fluent in Spanish, conversant in French, and is always available to help prospective clients in their criminal and civil affairs.

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