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Supervised Visitation in Maryland

If you are going through a divorce and have kids, there is a possibility you may also become familiar with supervised visitation. This is a court-ordered visitation between a child and a parent at a neutral location and with a neutral third party, who is present during the entire visitation. It allows for non-custodial parents to maintain access and relationships with their children.

When Can I Request Supervised Visitation?

Supervised visitation can be requested when one parent believes that the child is not safe with the other parent. Some examples when this might be ordered is when a non-custodial parent:

• Is abusive to the children

• Does not have a stable residence

• Abuses drugs or alcohol

• Exhibits violent, impulsive, or irrational behavior

• Has a history of sexual abuse

• Lacks the necessary parenting skills to keep the children safe

• Has a history of fleeing with minor children

Supervised visitation cannot be requested over minor disagreements, such as one of the parents letting the child watch too much TV or giving them too many snacks.

Unfit Parent

When going through the process of child custody and or a divorce the court will order supervised visitation to a parent when they see them as an “unfit parent”. An unfit parent is defined as a parent who fails to provide proper guidance, care, or support to his/her children.

Types of Visitations Schedules in Maryland

If visitation cannot be agreed upon between both parents, then a judge will make the final decision. The most important factor when deciding this is the best interests of the child. The four different options for child visitation are:

Reasonable Visitation: Designed for parents that get along well, allowing each of them get a certain amount of time with the children. It also allows them to work out some details of each visitation jointly.

Fixed Visitation: The goal of this agreement is to minimize physical interaction between the parents. This is ideal for parents who struggle with communication and coordination, leaving the court to provide exact dates and times for visitation.

Supervised Visitation: Visitation that is court-ordered between a child and a parent at a neutral place and with a neutral third party who is present throughout the entire visitation.

No Visitation: If the court believes that visitation with one of the parents could cause the child harm, either physically or mentally, no visitation will be permitted.

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