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Securing a DUI Acquittal

Oates wins acquitted of all DUI charges at the trial of a man found behind the wheel slumped over in the middle of the road.

Oates’s Defense Strategy

In a recent case in Maryland, attorney Oates achieved a significant legal victory for his client, who was facing multiple DUI charges after being found slumped over behind the wheel in the middle of the road. Despite the challenging circumstances surrounding the arrest, Oates and his client decided to contest the charges in court, aiming to safeguard the client’s criminal record and driving privileges.

dui acquittal

Contesting DUI Charges

The encounter with the client was complex from the start, with police noting his disorientation, incoherence, and inability to follow instructions. Although there was a faint odor of alcohol on his breath, the client refused both blood and breath tests at the station. The arresting officer suspected that a combination of alcohol and drugs was contributing to the client’s condition.

Oates mounted a defense centered on challenging the officer’s expertise in detecting substance influence and arguing that the physical symptoms observed did not conclusively point to intoxication. Despite the client’s apparent impairment, Oates emphasized the lack of concrete evidence linking it to drugs or alcohol.

Verdict on DUI Acquittal

At trial, Oates successfully persuaded the judge that the prosecution had failed to provide sufficient evidence linking the client’s behavior to substance use. Despite the client’s disoriented state and inability to communicate clearly, the judge ruled in favor of Oates, delivering a verdict of not guilty on all DUI charges.

Protecting Client’s Rights: DUI Acquittal Defense

Oates’s diligent defense not only secured his client’s DUI acquittal but also shielded their driving record from blemishes. By avoiding points, jail time, and probation, Oates ensured that his client could move forward without the burden of a DUI conviction.


The successful outcome of this case underscores Oates’s dedication to protecting his client’s rights and achieving justice, notably securing a DUI acquittal in challenging legal situations. With his expertise and strategic defense approach, Oates continues to uphold the principles of fairness and accountability in the courtroom.