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Possible Penalties for Breaking and Entering Charges in Maryland

Breaking and entering is a serious criminal offense in Maryland that involves unlawfully entering someone else’s property with the intent to commit a crime. The state imposes severe penalties for this offense to deter individuals from engaging in such activities. This article explores the possible penalties for breaking and entering charges in Maryland and highlights the importance of having a lawyer when facing such charges. Additionally, it recommends contacting the law offices of Krum, Gergely, and Oates, a reputable firm with over 20 years of experience in criminal defense.

Penalties for Breaking and Entering Charges in Maryland:

Under Maryland law, breaking and entering is typically classified as a felony offense. The severity of the penalties depends on various factors, including the circumstances surrounding the offense and the defendant’s prior criminal record. The potential penalties for breaking and entering charges in Maryland may include:

1. Incarceration: A conviction for breaking and entering can result in a significant term of imprisonment. The maximum sentence varies based on the specific charges and circumstances, but it can range from several years to life in prison.

2. Fines: In addition to imprisonment, individuals convicted of breaking and entering may face substantial fines. The amount of the fine will depend on the severity of the offense and the court’s discretion.

3. Restitution: The court may also order the defendant to pay restitution to the victim for any damage caused during the commission of the offense. This can include property damage or stolen items that need to be replaced or repaired.

4. Probation: In certain cases, the court may impose a period of probation in addition to or in lieu of incarceration. During probation, the defendant must comply with specific conditions set by the court. Violation of probation can result in further penalties.

Importance of Having a Lawyer:

Facing breaking and entering charges in Maryland can be a daunting and complex legal situation. Hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer is crucial for several reasons:

1. Legal Expertise: A skilled lawyer who specializes in criminal defense understands the intricacies of Maryland’s laws and the criminal justice system. They can navigate the legal process, assess the evidence against the defendant, and build a strong defense strategy.

2. Case Evaluation: A lawyer will thoroughly evaluate the facts and circumstances of the case to identify any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. They will also explore potential defenses or mitigating factors that could lead to reduced charges or penalties.

3. Negotiation and Plea Bargaining: A lawyer can negotiate with the prosecution on behalf of the defendant to seek a favorable plea bargain, if appropriate. This could result in reduced charges or penalties, minimizing the potential consequences of the offense.

4. Court Representation: A lawyer will represent the defendant in court, advocating for their rights and presenting a compelling defense. They will challenge the prosecution’s evidence, cross-examine witnesses, and present arguments to support the defendant’s case.

5. Legal Support and Guidance: Throughout the legal process, a lawyer provides valuable support and guidance to the defendant. They explain the legal options, advise on potential outcomes, and help the defendant make informed decisions.

Contacting the Law Offices of Krum, Gergely & Oates:

If you or someone you know is facing breaking and entering charges in Maryland, it is recommended to seek legal representation from a reputable law firm. The law offices of Krum, Gergely & Oates have over 20 years of experience in criminal defense. Their team of skilled attorneys is dedicated to providing effective legal representation and protecting the rights of their clients.