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Oates Wins No Jail Sentence For Man Facing 6 Felony Drug Distribution Charges in Fairfax

Attorney Jonathan Oates wins extraordinary no jail result for client facing six counts of felony drug distribution in Fairfax County Circuit Court from prior years!

By the time police brought charges, Oates’ client had turned his life around.  He had not touched an illegal substance or had a sip of alcohol for months.  However, six felony drug distribution charges from Fairfax County continued to haunt him. Up against six felony drug distribution charges, Oates was able to reduce the charges down to only two in the Circuit Court. Facing two felonies at sentencing, the client was still facing sentencing guidelines of a minimum of 9 months and as much as 18 months in a Virginia state penitentiary.

With odds stacked heavily against them, Oates kept fighting for a no-jail sentence that would allow his client to keep working, return to college, and continue his remarkable rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol as a free man.

On the day of sentencing, the prosecutor pushed for more than one year of penitentiary time.  Oates presented the judge with a courtroom packed full of support from fellow AA members, showed his client’s progress and commitment to being drug and alcohol-free, and argued that this was a person who is moving forward beyond past demons and is better suited progressing as a free man. The judge was persuaded by Oates’ argument and presentation. Ruling against the strong recommendation of the prosecutor, and looking beyond the sentencing guidelines, the judge granted Mr. Oates’ request that the defendant not receive any active jail sentence.

About Jonathan Oates

Criminal defense attorney Jonathan R. Oates is an experienced, aggressive, and passionate advocate defender of his clients and their rights. He has successfully represented thousands of clients and fought hundreds of trials in front of both judges and juries. Jon takes great pride in not only fighting for his clients, but also understanding them, their backgrounds, and helping them achieve the best possible outcome for their case.

In his free time, Jon loves snowboarding in fresh powder, rooting for his favorite team the Washington Wizards, and going for long hikes with his dog.

Call him today at (703) 988-3711 or (301) 840-0080 for a free consultation about your criminal case.