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Legal Update: Washington, D.C. -New Laws 2023

With a new year come new goals, plans, and resolutions… but let’s not forget about new laws that go into effect! If you are living in Washington, DC, review the update below, to learn about some of the latest laws, to determine how they may affect you.

Increase to Minimum Wage: Following suit of other nearby states, Washington, D.C. will implement an increase in minimum wage. Beginning on July 1, 2023, the minimum wage will rise to $17 for non-tipped employees. Additionally, tipped workers will receive an increased minimum wage. For example, restaurant workers and parking attendants are on a tiered plan that begins with a rise to $6 from last year’s $5.35 per hour on May 1, 2023, further increases to $8 on July 1, 2023, and increases to more than $16 per hour by 2027. There are some exceptions to this rule.

Paid Family Leave Enhancement: Paid Family Leave provisions for Washington, D.C. government workers will increase by four weeks, to allow for up to twelve weeks per year for family or parental leave. In addition, for the first time, DC government employees will also receive paid personal medical leave and prenatal leave, and regular employees will receive up to two weeks of paid medical leave to care for their own serious health conditions

Coverage for Medically Necessary Foods: This law requires that any health benefits plan issued after Dec. 31, 2022, must provide coverage for the cost of medically necessary food, as ordered by a medical provider in connection with a number of diseases or conditions.

New 311 Service Request for Dockless Vehicles: As Washington, D.C. is one of the most popular spots for bike and scooter riding, this law will likely help solve several critical issues in connection with the parking of such vehicles. 311 will now accept complaints about the improper or illegal parking of dockless e-bikes or scooters. Response tickets will be issued to shared mobility operators, who must move their illegally parked dockless vehicles within two hours.

DC Parking Cashout Law: This law requires that any employer with twenty or more covered employees offer parking benefits as a Clean Air Fringe Benefit, or that the employer pay a Clean Air Compliance Fee of $100 per employee per month. This law has been passed in hopes of improving air quality.