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Virginia DUI Arrest Records

Arrest records are always public. However, this doesn’t mean that DUI arrest records in Virginia will be in newspapers or widely shared. The court’s clerk’s office and the police typically store them instead of publishing them. Whether they involve a high-profile person or a notable case determines their publication status.

Some local newspapers might report on crime and arrests, but these reports are not from the government. Journalists or website staff often visit the courthouse or police station to get arrest records for their stories. In larger areas, this is less common due to time constraints. If you need more information about DUI arrest records, contact an experienced Virginia DUI lawyer.

Effects of a Public Arrest Record

Having a public DUI arrest record in Virginia means that anyone conducting a background check can see the charge. This can negatively impact various aspects of life, particularly employment. Employers typically review criminal histories and often require consent to check past criminal records. If an arrest appears, it could make them reconsider hiring that individual.

Mug shots are also public records that are available to everyone. Their publication depends on the specifics of the case and the DUI profile.

Sealing or Expunging Records

In Virginia, there is a way to delete arrest records. However, this does not mean what most people think. In Virginia, an individual can only expunge their arrest record if they receive a not guilty verdict or have their charge dismissed. If they receive a guilty verdict, they cannot expunge the arrest record.

DUI Acquittal

Virginia DUI arrest records remain public until action is taken. If a person is acquitted, they have the right to file an expungement petition in their jurisdiction’s circuit court to remove those arrest records.

Contacting a DUI Lawyer

If someone is worried about a Virginia DUI record after an incident, they should contact a lawyer from the KGO Law Firm immediately. A lawyer can advise on whether the case will be public and help with expungement if needed. There are many benefits to having a DUI lawyer in Virginia, so call one today.