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92mph Reckless Driving in Arlington Not Guilty After Oates Challenges Officer at Trial

Arlington Reckless Driving attorney Jonathan Oates fought and beat a charge that his client was driving 92mph in a 55mph zone.  Speaking with the police officer, it was clear that he was in no mood to cut Oates’ client any breaks.  He had clocked him at 92mph in heavy traffic in pouring rain.  It was a dangerous situation and high stakes for the client.  

Without getting any brakes, Oates took the case to trial.  Although the officer was clearly upset, and wanted a reckless driving conviction, Oates knew that the officer did not have what he needed to prove the case.  After the officer testified, Oates knew that he was correct.  The officer had not met the legal standard required to introduce pacing calibrations.  

Without asking a single question of the officer, Oates argued to the judge that the officer had not proven the case as is required by law.  Reluctantly, the judge had no choice but to agree with Oates’ arguments and found the client not guilty.

The client walked out of court a very happy man – no points, no fines, no license suspension or jail time, and most importantly, NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

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About the Author

Criminal defense attorney Jonathan R. Oates is an experienced, aggressive, and passionate advocate defender of his clients and their rights. He has successfully represented thousands of clients and fought hundreds of trials in front of both judges and juries. Jon takes great pride in not only fighting for his clients but also understanding them and their backgrounds and helping them achieve the best possible outcome for their case.

In his free time, Jon loves snowboarding in fresh powder, rooting for his favorite team the Washington Wizards, and going for long hikes with his dog.

Call him today at (703) 988-3711 or (301) 840-0080 for a free consultation about your criminal case.